Doggy Choice


Who is is the Shopify general store for Emma's Choice Pet Products, a family owned and operated business located in Toronto, Canada. We are lifetime dog and cat owners and as such are dedicated to providing safe and durable pet products to our customers.   


What does sell? sells our own Emma's Choice trademark line of pet products both in the US and Canada.Our own products are manufactured to US FDA  standards and we package and ship our own products from our warehouse in Toronto, Canada. 

We also sell and distribute a select group of pet products that we have diligently researched and determined to be of excellent value. 


What are your shipping policies? initiates the shipping process within 24 hours of receiving the customer order. Orders shipped from our warehouse typically take 5 business days to arrive. Products shipped from our supplier warehouse(s) will typically arrive within 15-20 business days.   


What are your shipping rates? shipping rates are free for all Canadian orders. For international orders standard shipping rates are $15 per order.  


What is guarantee?, under its parent Emma's Choice Pet Products (TBI) will provide a full money back guarantee for any products returned within a 60 day period, for any reason.

Beyond the 60 day money back guarantee, Emma's Choice Pet Products also provides a lifetime replacement warranty for any of the Emma's Choice Pet brand products. Simply return the product and we will send out a replacement at absolutely no cost. 


What animal humane societies does support? supports both the Canadian Humane Society and Humane Society of the US through our donation registration program, as shown on our Emma's Choice trademark brand packaging. Donations have grown to over $2,000 US to date.